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Naturally Grown Eggs $5

We have Beautifully colored, natural grown, tasty eggs for sale. We feed our chickens fermented organic layer pellets with non GM scratch grains. We also spike their water with raw organic garlic, and apple cider vinegar. We do not use any chemicals in the feeding, watering or housing of our precious chickens. It shows with the abundance of eggs they lay for us. We sell our eggs for $5 a dozen and you can come to our little Organic Farm in Ellijay and pick them up along with greens and shiitake mushrooms, or we can deliver in town or to Jasper and Canton on Wednesdays and Sundays. Give us a call to place an order. Michael Smith 678-983-4789. Or you may text a question to Kelley at 770-356-4234.

$5.00 USD
Various Sizes of canning fruit jars

Helen from Mobile Helen is selling hundreds of canning jars in various sizes. Call for details and pricing. 706-946-3143

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Pepsi-Cola Menu Board

Large Pepsi-Cola Menu Board with 100's of letters and symbols, 86" x 26"

$95.00 USD
Shiitake Mushroom Logs 40"

We are selling 40" long x 4" diameter Mushroom Logs which have been inoculated with WR Shiitake Mushroom spawn. These logs sit for 6 months while the mycellium runs through them, then they will begin to fruit mushrooms. These logs will continue to produce shiitake mushrooms for several years. And once they go through their natural first fruiting, you can force them to produce more. This is a wonderful source of protein for vegetarians and a good source of natural medicines. We sell 1 Inoculated Log for $25 or 3 or more logs for $20 each. NEW...WE NOW OFFER 3 MORE TYPES OF MUSHROOM SPAWN...POHU OYSTER, MAITAKE AND LIONS MANE. Excellent to mix and match. This is a far better price then the "Shiitakes in a box kits" for $39. Which is actually inoculated saw dust in a bag that will only fruit a short time, a couple months at best. You will need to take very good care of the block of saw dust, because if it dries out you have lost your spawn and your chance of getting any mushrooms. WE ALSO TEACH CLASSES. The next Class is on February 27th, Saturday at 11 am, on how to Inoculate your own Shiitake Mushroom Logs. The classes are $45 and include all the paperwork, resources, a look at our Mushroom Meadow, Farm Fresh Lunch and drinks, and the 40" Shiitake Log you will inoculate in the class and take home to begin your own Mushroom Meadow. If you would like to purchase some Shiitake Logs to start your own protein source which needs no weeding, fertilizers, etc. or to sign up for one of our Classes, January 21st 2017 through April 29th, or if you would like to purchase a log or class for a Gift, Please give a call or email. We would love to have you come to the Farm in Ellijay and learn or take a look around.

$25.00 USD

FRESH BROWN HEN EGGS ~ $4.00 A DOZEN ~ RANGE FREE ~ Natural feed ~ 2X Omega 3 of conventional eggs ~ CALL AHEAD ~ 706-273-1468

$4.00 USD
Popcorn Salt Shaker

Popcorn Salt Shaker, new in box

$15.00 USD

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